Lash Lift Course

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Full Body Waxing Training
17th February 2016
Facial Treatments
Beginners Facial Course
22nd March 2016

Lash Lift Course



Tweeks Academy brings you the latest in eye lash treatments. Lash lift has taken our industry by storm, add this to your treatment list.

Lash Lift, Lifts your natural lashes, the effect lasts for upto 6 weeks

On the course you will learn:

  • Pros/ Cons and Benefits of Lash lift
  • Consultation and Patch Test
  • Contra indications/ actions
  • Code of practice for hygiene
  • Legislation and health and safety
  • Procedure before/ during/ after

We are confident you will enjoy your course and strive to ensure you achieve high level of competency within a relaxed and supportive environment.